Yokai Blues: Part I – Addicts never get clean until they hit rock bottom. Trouble is, during the fall through the pit of darkness the end hides in the shadows until impact. No one sees it coming until there’s already a crater.

Nick McLeod lives in a Tokyo split between two communities. On one side, the human population, a culturally isolated group that finds Nick’s gruff intoxication charming only in small doses. The other are the Yokai, creatures of Japanese legend who are trying to make a living in the big city same as the rest.

Together with Tom, a fashion-forward ogre with a poor command of idioms, Nick struggles to form a bridge between the Yokai and the humans. Some days are easier than the others. It depends on the ratio of whisky to blood running through Nick’s veins.

Things get far more complicated when a young fox named Lin is murdered. She was one of the only people in Nick’s life to show him any kindness.

Investigating her death soon pulls Nick into the murky depths waiting at the heart of his addictions. In a world where literal monsters shop at the corner store, Nick and Tom discover it’s the metaphorical demons that are still the most dangerous.


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Yokai Blues: Part II –
Nick thought blowing up the smoke demon would be the end of his troubles. High explosives tend to have a lasting effect. That belief lasted only moments before a far more dangerous creature stepped out of the shadows.

Now Nick and Tom have a new foe. The same one that has been haunting Nick’s dreams for weeks.

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Yokai Blues: Part III – Coming Soon


Yokai Blues: Complete Edition – Coming Soon